CES Proudly Supports the Armed Forces Covenant

CES Proudly Supports the Armed Forces Covenant

Regular followers of #TeamCES will already know just how highly we regard the Armed Forces, and all those men and women who make sacrifices, including the ultimate sacrifice, in service of Queen and Country.

Indeed, many of our Certified Enforcement Agents come from a military background, and we have always valued the attributes and attitudes that veterans have in abundance.

We feel a responsibility to give back to our veterans, which is why we will always look to recruit service leavers, providing them with a route into a sustainable and secure career, amongst likeminded and supportive colleagues.

As you may know, ‘Walking with the Wounded’ is a cause close to our hearts, one that we have supported down the years, and pledging our support to the Armed Forces Covenant is something that we see as equally important for CES to do.

It is a natural step, but that makes it no less significant.

The Covenant is a widely recognised understanding, which businesses like ours can pledge allegiance to, in order to show solidarity and support with ex -forces personnel, in a number of significant ways.

Firstly, we pledge to promote as widely as possible, that we are an Armed Forces friendly organisation, open to applicants with a history in the forces, be that in active service, as a reservist, or in other forces-based roles.

We also pledge to offer viable and sustainable career paths, within our industry, for men and women who are either still in active service, or who may have left the forces.

We know and understand how leaving the forces can be a difficult time for individuals and their families, which is why we are proud to say that we will be there, wherever and however we can, to support them in building a life after their time in service.

This may look different to different people, but will include things like granting leave for reservists, supporting spouses during and after a partner’s deployment, or looking to support forces personnel within our general communities.

We will support local cadets where we can, and as always, show our respect and support on Armed Forces Day and Remembrance Sunday, including with a large company presence.

This shows how we aim to support people who choose a life in the Armed Forces from even before the point of entry, right through until the time has come to say goodbye to our veterans.

All of these pledges are examples of how we plan to support the Covenant, something which we always keep under review to ensure we are doing our bit.

This is a whole company promise and commitment, to be there for our brothers and sisters in the forces, whenever and however they need us and our support.

#TeamCES isn’t just an organisation that supports the Armed Forces, we are made up of people from the Armed Forces.

The bond is already there, and we only plan on making it stronger.

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