£10 Million Boost for Military Mental Health

Not everything we read about in the wake of a Budget announcement is good news, but this certainly is, and we applaud Rishi Sunak for pledging to bolster mental health support services for military veterans to the tune of an additional £10 million.

At #TeamCES, we are huge advocates for mental health awareness, especially in ex forces personnel, given that a large number of our team are veterans themselves.

It’s still quite a taboo subject, the mental health of our military veterans, and even with campaigns such as ‘One Is Too Many’ there is still so much more that needs to be done.

Problems such as addiction and homelessness are still rife within the ex-forces community, and only with proper funding and the establishment and maintenance of appropriate support services, can the country continue to address these challenges.

We feel that supporting the mental health of our veterans, no matter where or when they have served, is up there with the most important of our national responsibilities.

More than 80 serving or former armed forces personnel took their own lives in 2020, which is an incredibly sobering statistic, especially when you consider that each one of those individuals had a family, a backstory and a future. A future that will now not come to fruition.

With the correct channels of support and advice, these tragic deaths might not have happened, and so it falls on all of us to act now, in order to prevent the numbers from climbing even higher in the coming months and years.

The amount of money promised by Rishi Sunak is a good start, but we know that more support will be needed in the years ahead, if we are going to be able to provide the level of service that our veterans should be afforded, as a very minimum.

After all, many of them have been prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us at different times in their careers. Raising awareness really is the least we can do.

At #TeamCES, we will continue to provide pathways for ex-forces personnel into our industry, knowing that it is not just us who have something to offer them, but they who have plenty to offer us.


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