A Balancing Act The End of the Evictions Ban

With the 1st June last week, came the end to the long-imposed ban on evictions in England.

For many, this date had been weighing heavily on their minds, as they battled with either the fear of eviction, or kept their fingers crossed that they might, at long last, be able to get their money and their property back.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that the people thinking the above thoughts fall into two separate categories – renters and landlords.

But…who needs the most support?

Housing charities are clear that renters should be afforded the most assistance over the coming months and years, stating that hundreds of thousands of people face the very real risk of homelessness.

They claim that without support, by way of extended evictions bans, Breathing Space orders, mediation agreements and even financial assistance in the form of cold hard cash, the number of people facing homelessness will spiral out of control.

No one wants this to happen, but are the landlords really banging on the doors and demanding people get out?

That’s not what we’re seeing.

We’re seeing, as we have done throughout the last 18 months, superhuman patience from landlords who are just trying to get their money and their property back under their control. They aren’t seeking anything above and beyond what they are owed, or indeed what they own.

The vast majority of these landlords aren’t the ‘filthy rich’ individuals the media would portray them to be.

In fact, many of them rely on the income from their tenants to be able to pay their own vital bills, such as mortgages etc.

Should they have to wait any longer to get their own affairs in order, whilst their tenants are afforded extended protection?

It’s a tough one, which is why we’re calling it a balancing act.

We understand the need to protect against true vulnerability, but we also know that our clients need to see movement after a long year and a half of no movement (or money) at all.

Thousands are not about to be ‘thrown out onto the street’ but sooner, rather than later, debts are going to need to be paid and properties taken back into landlords’ control.

We’re keen to hear your experiences…

Whether you’re a renter or a landlord, let us know how you’re finding things since the 1st June.

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