An International Perspective It Could Be Worse…

Being a bailiff, or a Certificated Enforcement Agent to give it its true name, can be a rewarding job, and we have plenty of stories here at TeamCES about how we’ve helped people get back what is rightly theirs, as well as tales about how we’ve identified and found support for vulnerable people.

We always take the rough with the smooth though, and there are just as many (if not more) anecdotes about bad experiences that we’ve been through.

Assaults, aggravation and even arguments with animals come to mind…

But as hard as these incidents are to handle, spare a thought for our international counterparts, who can find themselves in harm’s way with much more serious consequences.

Just last month in a region of Russia near Moscow, a bailiff was shot in a Court room, after an unnamed man who was identified as the victim (claimant) in a dispute over the destruction of property, became irritated by proceedings and left the Court room, only to return soon after armed with his weapon.

The bailiff was critically injured, dying later in hospital, whilst a female witness was also seriously injured in the shooting.

Thankfully she survived, but the bailiff lost his life for simply doing his job.

In countries with more relaxed gun and ammunition laws, the threat of being shot is obviously more real, but this isn’t to say it doesn’t happen closer to home.

In 2019, a bailiff was shot on an assignment in England, and it certainly wasn’t the first time this has happened.

An evicted tenant shot a bailiff in 2016, whilst a bailiff and his female colleague were also shot in Brixton, back in 2013.

It doesn’t take a lot of digging to find these examples. We just have to ask around the office for first hand experience…

On the face of it, the incident in Russia highlights that we might be quite lucky in this country, working as bailiffs.

But dig a little deeper and you soon learn that gun laws are not much of a barrier to those who would happily fire at a bailiff for going about their business.

Our thoughts are with the Russian bailiff’s family and friends.

No one deserves to go out to work and not come back.


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