Bare Faced Cheek – Illegal Traders

It actually beggars belief at times, the lengths and means that people go to in an attempt to make a quick buck.

In an ideal world, it would be great to assume that hurting the reputation of others and hitting them in the pocket would be things that don’t come into the thinking of anyone.

But this isn’t an ideal world.

Illegal traders, counterfeiters and those who would operate on a ‘black market’ are hardly a new phenomenon. Sadly though, nor are they confined to the history books or only found in the souks of Turkey and Morocco.

Evictions on illegally occupied premises are on the rise in the UK, but not just on residential properties as you would be forgiven for thinking.

The ‘death of the High Street’ in the UK, as it has been referred to over the last couple of decades, has meant that many towns across the UK have been left with empty and unused shops, warehouses and market stalls.

Where consumers and civilians see an unloved shop window though, criminals see an opportunity.

Sitting ducks.

It doesn’t take much hard work at all for certain groups to break into these unoccupied premises, take control of the building and then quickly open up some kind of illegal retail or repair ‘shop’.

The bare faced cheek of it is almost unbelievable.

This cash cow for criminals will never last long, but it will always last long enough to give the landlord their fair share of headaches.

The damage left behind can often outweigh the rent arrears as well, making it a bit of a double whammy.

Counterfeit goods, stolen goods and everything else in between can dupe consumers (knowingly or naively) into parting with their cash but with absolutely no consumer rights.

This is a problem that affects everyone.

Court Enforcement Specialists work with some fantastic security partners to prevent this from happening to our clients, but when it does happen, we’re always on hand to serve eviction notices and to be the face that the criminals have to deal with.

The High Street lives on to fight another day, but it can only start to thrive again with the maintenance and security of legal, legitimate businesses and retailers.

We help them keep their reputation, their infrastructure and their assets in tact.

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