Brexit – Maintaining Business Relationships

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Whilst at Court Enforcement Specialists, we only work within the borders of England and Wales, we are acutely aware that many of our clients do lots of their business with our European neighbours, both those within the European Union and those outside of it.

With that in mind, the issue of Brexit, which seems to have been hanging over our heads for an eternity now, could understandably present some pretty tough questions…

Whichever way you voted on Europe back in 2016, and whoever won your vote in December 2019, the prospects for the future are not, as some harbingers of doom would have you believe, merely in the lap of the Gods.

As a proactive and positive company, we at Court Enforcement Specialists believe that building and maintaining successful and meaningful business relationships is the most important tool in navigating periods of uncertainty, and calling Brexit a period of uncertainty is the understatement of the century.

The primary concerns for businesses dealing with EU member states will be any changes to terms and conditions, or potential increases in charges and additional red tape.

Does this mean that colleagues on the continent will look elsewhere?

Does this mean that UK businesses will see a shortfall in cash flow?

From a Court Enforcement point of view, how does this impact upon the retrieval of late and unpaid invoices?

And how will those enforcement companies that operate between nations be able to cope with any extra changes and challenges in an already complicated system?

At the moment there are clearly more questions than answers, and whilst we don’t claim to know it all (far from it actually) our advice to our clients and partners is simple…

As long as you continue to operate with integrity, professionalism and that personal touch, you will find that good business relationships stand the test of time, trials and tribulations.

Don’t wait for bad things to happen. Go out in search of the good things.

If you wave a red rag to a bull, it’ll come running at you.

If you grab the bull by the horns, you’re calling the shots.

Build relationships, maintain relationships and be the master of your own destiny.

If part of that plan involves the retrieval of debts and assets within the UK, Court Enforcement Specialists will be on hand to positively and proactively hold up our end of the bargain, so that you and your business are able to navigate through Brexit in the best possible shape.

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