CCJs – A Piece of Paper Is CCJ as easy as ABC?

When is a piece of paper more than just a piece of paper?

When it is a very important piece of paper, of course...

...and when that very important piece of paper means that you are a step closer to getting your money back.

That’s when.

So how do you get that very important piece of paper?

Well, it isn’t as complicated a process as you might think.

For nearly 20 years, claimants have been able to use Money Claim Online (MCOL) to serve claims against debtors. Everything can be done online these days, even this!

Simple, right?

Well, sort of.

There’s still the potential for the debtor to refuse payment or to try and arrange alternative arrangements. This can leave you in a little bit of a stalemate...

...which is where TeamCES come in.

We can escalate CCJs of over £600 to the High Court to a Writ of Control. We are specialists in doing so. We compel the debtor to pay the claimant through the processes of enforcement.

Something that can’t be done online. Sometimes, the old-fashioned ways are the best.

Back to that piece of paper...

As there is no automatic transfer of a CCJ up to a High Court Writ, you really do need to print off the claim from the MCOL system, and pass it over to us at TeamCES.

(If you’re an eco-warrior or prefer things on the screen, a PDF will do the trick too.)

Once we have the document, we can get to work, firstly by assessing the claim to see if we can transfer it up to the High Court.

We’ll do some homework and some leg work to see if we have a case.

If everything about the debtor checks out, and the claim is from within the last 6 years, we’re ready to kick on.

Our cost-effective solutions and services will help you achieve the money you are owed.

You really couldn’t have a better company in your corner than Court Enforcement Specialists.

Piece of paper, or no piece of paper.


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