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What Walking With the Wounded Do

Established in 2010, Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for vulnerable veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment.

They recognise the inherent skills of our armed service personnel and wants to complement these qualities, as well as provide support to transfer their skills into the civilian workplace. They offer assistance through our programmes to those vulnerable veterans who have been physically, mentally or socially disadvantaged by their service and assist them in sustaining their independence through new sustainable careers outside of the military. This includes providing support to homeless veterans and veterans in the Criminal Justice System, areas which are too often ignored.

The outcome? Sustainable employment, and independence for them and their families.


Gareth is a fantastic man he is passionate about his work, family and supporting others. It has been a pleasure to work with Gareth and someone who is really hard working. Great company, great man and a real supporter of the veteran community.    

Gary Lamb

 Associate Director North West WWTW

WWTW supports those who have served in the Armed Forces and their families, empowering them to regain their independence, thrive and contribute in our communities.

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