Coronavirus and Money 10 Things to Do Whilst You’re Self Isolating

With some scientists predicting that as many as 80% of us will contract coronavirus over the coming months, the vast majority of people in the UK will be expected to observe a period of self-isolation at some point in the near future.

Many of us already have done just that, and we find ourselves following the Government’s guidelines on social distancing, only going out when it is absolutely necessary and working from home wherever possible.

The fact that the Prime Minister himself has tested positive for coronavirus is proof that this disease makes no bones about who it disrupts...

Disruption on this scale hasn’t been experienced in peacetime before, but with this pause in everyday life, there are a few things to consider if you want to come out the other side in good shape.

1. Open Your Letters

This is a great piece of advice in general, and something that would help so many people keep the wolf from the door in normal circumstances. With things as they are now, this is even more crucial. Don’t ignore correspondence. Open your letters. Action them.

2. Speak to Your Finance Companies

Pick up the phone, use live chat, send an email, but whatever you do, make sure you keep in touch with your finance companies. Their staff will be working from home in a lot of circumstances, and believe it or not, they actually want to help you. It is crucial you talk to them though.

3. Don’t Ignore Debts

It’s great that this period of time has taught us all that money isn’t the most important thing, but it will all be over before too long, and debts will still be there waiting to be addressed. Continue making your payments and if you can’t, now is the time to arrange a payment plan.

4. Take Care of the Bits & Bobs

If you look carefully at your monthly outgoings, chances are that you’ll find lots of small payments that you can probably afford to ditch. Pet insurance for a pet you no longer have for instance. Ditch what you don’t need.

5. Pause/ Amend Accounts

Sky and BT have allowed their customers to pause certain parts of their packages, such as live sport. If you don’t take advantage of these things, you’re missing a trick and throwing money away each month.

6. Switch Utility Providers

With all this extra time at home, it could be the perfect opportunity to look at your utility providers. It pays to switch every now and then, and you could save hundreds.

7. Look at Refunds

If you had a holiday booked in the next few months, it isn’t going to happen. Sorry about that. Make sure you look carefully at your options for refunds and rescheduling. If you could do with the money, take the refund and rethink your holiday plans.

8. Buy Sensibly

Food shopping has to be done more sensibly right now anyway, with more consideration given to things like when and where to do it. You should also consider what you need to live on, and whether or not you can cut the luxury items out.

9. Save, Save, Save

If you’re doing things properly and observing all the rules, your daily, weekly and monthly costs should be down on what they’re usually at. Petrol, non-essential shopping, leisure activities and gym memberships are some examples of savings you could make. Don’t waste this opportunity to put it away somewhere, you might just need it.

10. Press the Reset Button!

This whole situation is pretty rubbish, and we’re not claiming anything else to be the case, but perhaps it is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to press the reset button on your finances.

There are other tips of course, and we’d love to hear your suggestions...

We at TeamCES are using this time to contact our clients and speak to debtors, making sure that we work out arrangements that work for everyone during these unprecedented times.

Stay home, stay safe.

This will pass.


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