Council Tax – The Only Way Is Up

A Stark Warning from Defiant Liverpool Mayor, Joe Anderson

Whilst large swathes of the country were delighted that the December General Election returned a huge Conservative majority for the UK, the city of Liverpool was probably one of the places that wasn’t at all thrilled by the news.

Mayor Joe Anderson has overseen some tough times on Merseyside, negotiating cuts in public spending over a period of time where the need for this spending has only increased, year on year.

His New Year message to the people of the city was tainted with stark warnings about more tough times to come.

The maximum rise in Council Tax that is planned is probably only the top if the iceberg...

Sounding apologetic, he claimed that there was simply no other option to the planned tax hike, as he fully expects another period of austerity to see us well into the new decade.

Whilst the atmosphere created by such a prediction can only cast a gloomy shadow over the communities he works for, the Mayor is trying to see the silver lining.

His faith in the people of his city is unerring, and with the charitable attitudes and actions of the Liverpudlian community, he is sure that they will support each other through challenging times to come.

Actions speak louder than words of course, and in Liverpool, lots is already happening to support homeless people and those living in poverty.

Hostels and food banks are already well supported by volunteers and donations, but this needs to continue and existing efforts need to be redoubled in order for the most vulnerable members of society to be taken care of.

Will High Court Orders increase? Probably.

Will Evictions become more commonplace? Possibly.

In the Mayor of Liverpool’s eyes, it is now more important than ever for citizens to seek advice when they’re worried and assistance when they’re in need.

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