Court Enforcement Specialists – Christmas Message to Our Clients 2021

On behalf of everyone at Court Enforcement Specialists, I would like to wish all of our clients a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

Thank you for choosing Court Enforcement Specialists this past year, we hope that we’ve lived up to the standards you deserve and those we expect of ourselves.

Once again, this year has been anything but ordinary…

Even now, at the time of writing, the kind of Christmas celebration we can all expect seems to be a little ‘up in the air…’

Throughout the past 12 months, we have tried to keep all of our clients up to date with the latest changes to the industry, whether that’s been to do with extensions to the ban on evictions, or updates on who should pay the VAT on enforcement fees.

It’s not been easy, as sometimes the legislation has changed several times in the space of a few weeks, but we’ve endeavoured to bring you the latest, as and when it comes to us.

The time has come for our enforcement agents and other staff to have a little break, and to spend some time with their families. For large parts of the year, they work away from home, dedicating their working lives to the needs of our clients.

Without the men and women on the ground, our success wouldn’t be possible.

The same is true of you, our clients, because without the trust of our clients to complete their assignments in a quick and effective way, Court Enforcement Specialists couldn’t continue to grow and to be recognised as industry leaders.

The end of another crazy year approaches, but I am able to reflect on it with pride and certainty that our company has done things the right way.

I look forward to continuing our relationship in 2022 and beyond, no matter what the future brings.

Have a great Christmas.

Gareth Haggerty

CEO of Court Enforcement Specialists

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