Manchester based High Court and Civil Enforcement firm, Court Enforcement Specialists has been named “Professional Business of the Year” and “New Business of the Year”at the 2019 E3 Business Awards. The event took place on 11th July at the University of Bolton Stadium.

The company, which provide High Court and Civil Enforcement services across England and Wales with the majority of their High Court Enforcement Agents being former Armed Forces Veterans, faced strong competition from organisations across the North West. The Professional Business of the Year award was presented by Saj Kadva, representing the award sponsor Director from Leisure Guard Security and the New Business of the Year award was presented by Kelly perkin, representing the award sponsor Chief Executive of Alliance Learning - on behalf of ConnectED Receiving the award, the company’s Managing Director, Gareth Joseph Haggerty said: “I'm former Armed Forces and the majority of my staff are also what we bring to the High Court and Civil Enforcement industry is a high level of professionalism and commitment to ensure the job in done to a high standard with vulnerable people in mind and to ensure we are compliant and fully versed within the law surrounding our industry.”

Speaking on behalf of 1 Events Media, the host and organiser of the awards, Managing Director Mubarak Chati said: "2019 has been another year of impressive entries and inspirational stories. We've seen fast growing businesses, dedicated staff and employers, fantastic examples of innovation, and charities doing some truly invaluable work. To win an award in the face of such impressive competition is achievement of which (company name) should feel justly proud, and I congratulate them."

We at Court Enforcement Specialists stride ourselves to provide High Court and Civil Enforcement within England & Wales to all our Clients in a personnel, dedicated and professional service with excellent understanding all the services we provide you as our client, from the back office too the Enforcement Agent's on the ground, all our personnel are well trained in conflict management to cope with any difficult circumstances that may arise, essentially getting the best possible outcome for your needs. To match our expert manner we also like to take our appearance very seriously, all our Enforcement Agents wear White Shirts, Black Trousers and Community Support Vests with a Pinnacle Body Worn CCTV Camera.  We believe that making our first initial impact is as important as when we leave.  You can be assured of a professional approach. 

Individuals presenting the awards on behalf of the award sponsors.

Professional Firm of the Year

Presenter: Saj Kadva, Director from Leisure Guard Security

New Business Start-Up of the Year:

Presenter: Kelly Perkin, Chief Executive of Alliance Learning - on behalf of ConnectED

More information about Court Enforcement Specialists can be found on its website – – or by calling 01615070626.

More information about the E3 Business Awards, including a full list of winners, can be found at www.

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