Covid-19 information for debtors

If you have received a notice of enforcement

The process begins with the notice of enforcement being sent. This gives the judgment debtor 7 days to pay the full amount, before the enforcement process begins. If a debtor pays at this stage, the incurrence of further enforcement fees is prevented. No additional fees beyond the compliance stage fee will be charged.

Enforcement Agent visits are currently suspended due to COVID-19 and the associated public health guidelines. As soon as these restrictions are removed, visits from Enforcement Agents will be allowed to resume. Once seven days have elapsed (by way of notice of enforcement) no additional notice will be given ahead of a visit.

It is always within the debtor’s best interest to make payment in full, at the earliest possible juncture, wherever this is possible. Should you be unable to do this, we advise you to make a part payment in order to reduce the outstanding sum, as well as any additional enforcement fees that will be accrued.

If you are already in a payment arrangement

If you find yourself in this situation, or if you are waiting on confirmation of a payment arrangement, continue to make the scheduled payments. These payments will already have been agreed.

Payment can be made via BACS or with a cheque.

If you need to set up a payment arrangement

If you have not yet set up your payments, and you want to confirm an arrangement, please get in touch with us and we will pass your proposal on to the judgment creditor.

At the moment, we are very busy and are currently processing a high number of enquiries. We are grateful for your patience and aim to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible.

As ever, we remain committed to supporting vulnerable debtors, and you can find lots of useful websites and help lines for independent debt advice.


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