Discriminatory and Disproportionate A Victory for Travellers

Blanket bans on travellers stopping and ‘setting up camp’ on large swathes of open land in England have been stopped.

The bans have been banned, marking what campaigners call a ‘victory for equality’.

Since 2015, a number of councils have been enforcing these county wide injunctions, which prohibit Gypsies and Travellers from stopping on certain pieces of land, irrespective of whether they know the rules or not.

Campaigners took their case to the high court back in January, arguing that these blanket bans were “discriminatory and disproportionate”, that they failed to take into consideration the travelling culture that is enshrined into the makeup of the people from these communities.

Mr Justice Nicklin agreed, and told the 13 Councils involved that they could no longer issue such bans, and that going forward, only persons who could be identified would be able to be issued with bans from certain areas.

Effectively, the Councils were told they need to their homework, rather than tarring every single traveller with the same brush, which is clearly problematic.

At #TeamCES, we’ve always been acutely aware of the need to get to know travellers, as much as it is possible to do.

We’ve always invested our time and energy into understanding the culture, respecting the traditions and acknowledging that every human being has a right to find somewhere to live. A right to find somewhere safe to raise their children.

This relationship building has contributed, in no small part, to our faultless track record in achieving successful evictions.

We never make assumptions based on someone’s race, religion or background.

We treat everyone equally, and whilst we acknowledge that traveller sites can have the potential to cause significant disruption to landowners and the nearby inhabitants, this is not always the case.

This is something of a landmark victory for the travelling community, and shows that the justice system is taking their views seriously.

For our clients, we remain committed to achieving successful evictions, as we always have.

We just do it the right way.

The #TeamCES way.

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