Dodgy Car Dealers About – Be Warned!

It’s nothing new…

…as long as the motor car has been a mainstream commodity, there have always been those looking to make a quick buck by duping members of the unsuspecting public into parting with their hard earned cash.

Rolling back the clock, cheating the paperwork, a fresh lick of paint to hide a rusty chassis, or even stolen cars – dodgy dealers have a lot to answer for.

So hated is the idea of a ‘dodgy car dealer’ in fact, that it has become a well-known caricature in film and television, laughed at and sneered at in equal measure.

The ‘second hand car salesman’ is a stereotype with nothing but negative connotations.

Unfortunately though, sometimes these caricatures are all too real, and we all have a friend or family member who’s been on the receiving end of some forecourt skulduggery, or the dark arts of so called ‘salesmanship’.

If you don’t know how to spot the genuine article from the Wormwoods of this world, don’t worry, you’re not alone, and the lengths these crooks go to seem to stretch further and further with every story we hear.

That’s just how devoted these people are to earning their money by pulling the wool over your eyes.

Shiny premises, packed out forecourts, friendly staff – they know every trick in the book, and the more legitimate it looks, the more likely they are to get away with their illegitimate (and illegal) activity.

Any magician will tell you that it’s all about appearances, and as we know, appearances can be deceiving.

A client of ours found this out the hard way, not too long ago, as they purchased a car from a place they seemed convinced was not just above board, but actually a respectable establishment.

(It wasn’t…)

After realising that their new car was anything but the one they thought they had bought, they returned it to the point of sale, to be charged through the nose for repairs they should never have needed.

It was already an expensive nightmare by this point, and it got worse when the car broke down again.

Our client demanded their money back, and you can probably guess the outcome of that request…

The demand was refused and the dealership wouldn’t accept any liability on their part.

After all, they had a shiny website and everything, how could it have been down to them?

The story continued as our client actually took the company to Court and won, but guess what?

That’s right, they’re still yet to see a penny of what they are owed.

Dodgy car dealers are out there.

Sadly, they’re not just played by actors in TV and film, and you have to be 100% sure before you part with your money.

Ask friends and family to go with you, seek the advice of a professional you trust, do a little research…

Luckily for our Client we collected the balance in full with costs.

…just don’t get caught out in the way our client did.

This has been #TeamCES with your public service announcement!

Thank us later.

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