“Down Tools!”..............Another Huge Blow to the Industry, and to Landlords

Evictions have taken a bit of a back seat for a while, we all know that, but one method that has still been open and accessible to landlords has been going down the more expensive High Court route.

High Court bailiffs have different regulations to County Court bailiffs, meaning that this has been a vital lifeline to desperate landlords left with little option, other than to try and get their money back via any means possible…

…but now it seems as though even that route is about to be shut down for a while, as Ministers tell High Court bailiffs to down tools, apart from in the most extreme of cases.

What counts as extreme?

A tenant who is in excess of 12 months’ arrears is one of these extreme exceptions, as is illegal occupation, anti-social behaviour, fraud, domestic abuse or following the death of a tenant.

This comes on the back of the news of a so called ‘Christmas Truce’ on evictions, and means that the eviction process can’t resume until January 11th at the earliest (except in those above mentioned extreme cases…)

To landlords up and down the country, this is yet another cruel blow, and leaves many in a difficult financial position themselves ahead of the Christmas period. Not all landlords are multi millionaire portfolio landlords remember, no matter what the Government seem to believe…

The vast majority of private landlords have one or two houses that they let to supplement their income, or to pay their mortgage even. What happens when they can’t pay what they owe? Will a suspension or ‘ban’ come to their rescue when they most need it?

That’s unlikely, but for tenants, good and bad, there has been a steady stream of emergency legislation that has kept the metaphorical wolf from the door.

Some tenants have been helped in a huge way, thrown a lifeline whilst they’ve been at their most vulnerable. We know that and we get it.

Others have just been able to take the p***. We know that, too, and we can’t abide It for much longer.

Hopefully, the news of a vaccine gives us all some light at the end of the tunnel, but until then, landlords look like they’re going to have their patience tested, yet again.


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