Everyone Makes Mistakes…

The British Parking Association has made an announcement this week that is sure be to the liking of motorists everywhere.

No longer will people be made to pay for parking tickets that are issued as a result of incorrect licence plate details having been displayed.

We’re talking about instances where the wrong digit has been typed out, or where a digit may have been missed off altogether.

Private parking firms usually have every right to issue parking fines on land that they operate on, but this measure will put an end to fining people for genuine mistakes.

Hospital car parks, public transport car parks and shopping centre car parks are all places where motorists may have to enter their licence plate details whilst purchasing a ticket.

The stresses of visiting hospital, the time keeping aspect of ‘park and ride’, and the sheer distance from parking bay to ticket machine at shopping centres are all viable reasons as to why someone may enter their details incorrectly.

We’ve all been in a rush to get the parking ticket bought and displayed…

The Great British weather can sometimes make that even more tricky. Have you ever tried to buy a ticket in sideways rain and gale force winds on Blackpool beach front for instance?

Parking firms will still be able to issue fines for vehicle owners who have typed their details incorrectly however.

After all, it is still a ‘ticketable’ offence, regardless of how pedantic it may seem.

Companies have simply been advised to accept the appeal at the first stage of the process, without complications or queries.

What will probably happen over time is that common sense will prevail, and the tickets will stop being issued in the first place.

We would advise absolutely everyone to check and double check the terms and conditions of every parking facility they use. It is also good advice to check and double check the details you enter.

Thankfully though, this change looks to recognise the situations where time is of the essence, and when genuine human error comes into play.


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