Evictions Ban Extended in Scotland

Whilst here in England the COVID-19 Evictions Ban is due to end on August 24th, north of the border in Scotland, Ministers have moved to extend the protection for a further 6 months.

This will be welcome news to the many families and individuals who have been financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s anything but welcome news to landlords who are still owed large and ever-increasing amounts of rent.

How you view this extension to the blanket ban on evictions really depends on your own circumstances, but there will be plenty of situations, as there have been throughout this crisis, where protection is being afforded to those who neither need nor deserve it, such as tenants who were in arrears and disputes long before March and COVID-19 arrived.

AT #TeamCES we are big advocates for sympathy and understanding, which were the words used by the UK Government when encouraging landlords to build positive and supportive relationships with their tenants, but surely there will be many landlords up in Scotland who have simply run out of sympathy and understanding…

…and money.

Here’s one way of looking at it…

Landlords have bills and overheads to pay too. Landlords have been affected by the crisis too.

Whilst we’ve not all been in the same boat, we’ve definitely been in the same storm, and there will be a growing number of landlords who are looking to get out of the letting market altogether now, which creates even further problems along the line, such as a lack of housing for vulnerable people.

The vicious cycle is becoming more and more vicious with each suspension and extension.

More jobs will be lost, more tenants will be struggling to pay their rent, and now, the problem has just been put back another 6 months.

Here’s the alternative viewpoint…

An extension to the evictions ban gives tenants more time to sort their situations out, to find new jobs, repay their rent, and put themselves in better financial shape to be able to maintain the terms of their letting arrangement.

Maybe the banks will follow suit, and allow further mortgage freezes until we’re all way past the worst of all this.

The main benefit of this blanket approach, is that at least the truly vulnerable will be protected for longer, surely?

Two ways of looking at it there then, and whilst one might seem a bit ‘doom and gloom’, and the other more in line with ‘blue sky thinking’, we’d love to hear your opinions on the latest news from Scotland regarding the extension to the evictions ban.

Will England follow suit?


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