Evictions to Begin 29th June… (…probably)

A headline that may startle many, but it appears unlikely that the Government will extend the three month suspension of evictions beyond 29th June.

The protection afforded to tenants over the last 3 months of lockdown will have been welcome to so many, but this protection was never intended to last forever.

Landlords have been extremely patient throughout this difficult period, with many extending great gestures of kindness and leniency towards their tenants. This development of understanding relationships was encouraged by the Government, as it was in everyone’s best interests, but we are coming to the time when landlords may need to enforce action against tenants who are unable to settle their arrears or maintain the conditions of the tenancy.

And so, solicitors are poised and ready for a return to some kind of normality…

…but what kind of normality is likely to return?

Well, that remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain, technology will have a pivotal role to play.

Video calls and the good old-fashioned phone conversation are expected to play a big part in the resumption of evictions, but as the world has adapted to remote working over the last few months, any teething problems should be fairly easy to iron out.

Many people have taken to remote and home working very well, and a good understanding of tools like Zoom, in terms of set up and implementation, will come in very handy over the next few months.

One potential issue could be with furloughed staff, as large portfolio landlords, as well as solicitors, may still have staff on furlough, and will need time to kick back into gear.

Landlords will have large backlogs to get through in many cases, meaning that the demand could be higher than usual.

Public health is still paramount of course, and companies like ours will still be doing everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff, clients and stakeholders, right now and well into the future.

The wheels of industry are beginning to turn again, and as we cautiously look towards resuming normal life, we are here to support our clients with the next steps of their recovery.

Everything is moving at a continuously fast pace, with more developments and changes expected on a daily basis. Right now, many landlords are gearing up for that date of the 29th June.

As ever though, we will keep you abreast of the developments and of any new legislation, as it comes to light.


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