Fly Tippers – Sinking Lower Than Low

At a time when all members of the community are pulling together, even whilst having to remain at least 2 metres apart, it is particularly upsetting to have to report on what is becoming a big problem in and around the streets of lockdown Manchester.

Fly tippers are taking advantage of the quieter streets and even quieter rural spots, by dumping large amounts of household waste, including full size double beds and broken up sofas, wherever they please.

The city’s recycling centres and tips are closed for the foreseeable future, and whilst some people would try to use this as an excuse for fly tipping, any rational person can see that it really isn’t.

There is never an excuse for fly tipping, but in our eyes, doing it now is sinking lower than low.

Millions of people across the country are stepping up to the plate in a united effort to lessen the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and yet we have others thinking selfishly and acting stupidly.

This is Manchester. We do things differently here.

But there’s always a few to spoil it for everyone else.

Saddleworth has been affected pretty badly, as have the streets of Collyhurst, and whilst the mess will be cleaned up in due course, the police will have to use some of their resources to pursue fly tipping charges.

Just what they need right now...

Fortunately, when someone is stupid enough to fly tip, they are often stupid enough to leave evidence of who they are, and GMP are clear that they will find and prosecute these people.


People in the media might be encouraging you to use this spell as an opportunity to declutter the house. You might feel bored enough to attempt a bit of spring cleaning.

That’s all well and good until it comes to disposing of the unwanted items and waste.

Be wary of waste removal companies still operating at this time, and ask yourself the question as to whether or not this is ‘essential’ right now.

You never know where your waste is likely to end up with unlicenced and unregulated companies, so our advice right now would be to wait until after all this has blown over, just in case.

Should your rubbish be dumped illegally by a third party, it’s still you who could end up in court.

Our advice to would be fly tippers is to consider the impact they’re having on our society right now, when so many are going above and beyond to contribute positively.

It will probably fall on deaf ears though, which is why there is an even bigger responsibility for all of us who want to live in a clean and safe city, to keep an eye on the places we love, so that they will be waiting for us to visit them as soon as we are through this national crisis.


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