“Help Our Tenants!” NRLA Plea for Government to ‘Do Something…’

With Scotland and Wales having announced schemes to give tenants loans to pay their rent, the UK Government is facing pressure from the National Residential Landlords Association to consider a similar move, that would bring consistency across all of the devolved nations.

Landlords have been patient for so long, forced to endure almost 6 months of no rent, no recourse and no realistic prospect of anything changing any time soon.

Now, there are mainstream media outlets and housing charities who would have you believe that landlords are currently baying for their tenants’ blood, desperate to evict them under any circumstances, but this is plainly not true.

For landlords, having tenants in their properties is the goal, obviously, as long as those tenants are responsible, sustainable, and able to pay their rent.

The call for the evictions ban to end is coming from landlords who find their properties inhabited by tenants engaged in anti social behaviour, or by those who were already in rent arrears long before lockdown.

On the whole, landlords want to support their tenants (the good ones) to be able to maintain their current arrangements.

Of course they do!

Now, the NRLA are going one step further, and are actually calling out the Government to be as sympathetic and understanding as the landlords themselves have been asked to be, for half a year now.

If UK renters were given access to so called ‘tenant loans’ from the Government, as is being kick started in Scotland by the SNP, two things would happen…

Number one – Tenants would still have a place to live, and their rent arrears wouldn’t mount up to unmanageable or irretrievable levels.

Number two – Landlords would still receive their rent, allowing them to pay their mortgages, earn their living and maintain the status that allows them to be landlords in the first place.

One question here should surely be, why it is the landlords themselves, who have been forced to pose such a move to the Government.

Maybe, it is because they are fed up with being ‘sympathetic’ and ‘understanding’, and now see an urgent need to be proactive.

Another question may well be…’Why are these loans needed?’

Because we are in a recession! That’s why!

And in the words of Chris Norris, policy director for the NRLA…

“The best way to prevent repossessions is to tackle the root cause by ensuring tenants are able to pay their rent.”

Absolutely on the money.

Help the tenants now, and bring England into line with Scotland and Wales.

There’s a saying that goes…

“If you want something doing right, do it yourself…”

…and landlords seem to have been forced into saving the rental market themselves, by reminding the Government of its responsibility to a huge network of connected people – tenants and landlords.

Surviving a recession isn’t easy for anyone, but the NRLA’s suggestions make sense, and it is over to the UK Government to show similar sense, to listen, and then to act.

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