In Case You Missed It… Court Fees Increase

The Government has released details about increases to UK Court Fees, after a period of consultation and research.

The impact of coronavirus on communities, businesses and individuals has been significant, making a careful consultation process a critical part of the proposals for increased fees.

The fee rises won’t just affect the people who use companies like ours, but are also likely to affect debtors, some of whom may be vulnerable. As our followers will know, Court Enforcement Specialists remain committed to identifying vulnerability wherever we find it, and signposting those in need to the correct channels of support.

The fee rises have actually now been in place since 30th September, but Court Enforcement Specialists have been across this from the get go, with the new details published on our website.

The full details from The Ministry of Justice can be viewed here:

To make things simple for our clients and followers, here’s a break down of the increased fees:

High Court Enforcement Fees

  • Writ of Control has increased by £5 from £66 to £71

  • Writ of Possession has increased by £5 from £66 to £71

  • Writ of Delivery has increased by £5 from £66 to £71

We understand that any fee increase has an impact, but would like to remind our clients that all fees are usually recoverable from the debtor, and so our services are essentially free to our clients.

We are also committed to openness and honesty at every stage, and we regularly consult with clients before charging them a penny.

Court Enforcement Specialists don’t set these price increases, but we do see it as our responsibility to keep our clients and followers up to speed with any changes in the industry, and so, in case you missed it...

...there you have it.

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