Independent Regulation We have nothing to hide

In an industry like this, with its historical connotations and regurgitated stereotypes, the role of a Bailiff can, at times, be an unenviable one.

The nature of the job means that we are bound to be unpopular with some people, even when simply carrying out our instructions.

It comes with the territory.

Any High Court or Civil Enforcement Company worth its salt will have a robust complaints policy and transparent procedures for dealing with issues that may arise.

We certainly do.

We also support the charities and debt advice organisations who have called for an independent body to be established in order to regulate the industry.

We’re just yet to see it come to fruition...

A year has passed since the Ministry of Justice closed its call for evidence on the subject, and whilst over 100,000 issues with bailiffs / Enforcement Agents have been reported since that call was made, not a lot has changed just yet.

With 83% of callers to National Debtline claiming that their visit from bailiffs / Enforcement Agents had a detrimental effect on their wellbeing, there clearly is room for improvement in the industry.

There is room for improvement in every industry, but how much improvement in that figure can we realistically expect?

A visit from the bailiffs / Enforcement Agents has never been something to look forward to, nor should it be, but we like to think that we can make it something that people shouldn’t fear.

There are no ‘bully boy’ tactics or intimidation in anything that we do.

A visit from our Level 3 Certificated Enforcement Agents and agents like ours should be respected, taken seriously, but not feared.

This is where the independent regulation will help most - with public perception.

Two things to finish on:

TeamCES will continue to operate with clarity and openness, whether we are regulated by the industry itself, or an independent body. We have nothing to hide.

It’s a good job we’re bringing compliance to the industry already, and not relying on The Taking Control coalition, which is dragging its heels a little!


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