Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant invaded by Squatters after falling into administration

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Jamie's Italian on King Street has been occupied by Squatters

Jamie's Italian in Manchester was invaded by squatters after the company closed its doors as the celebrity chef's United Kingdom restaurant empire went into administration.

The Jamie Oliver's Restaurant Group closed the Manchester Restaurant after reports of £9m+ loss in the previous financial year over its restaurant chains.

Unfortunately for the property owners left to deal with the sudden vacant property left the site vulnerable to trespassers entering the beautiful building

The group of Squatters who named themselves as 'SQUAT THE LOT' entered the building on Tuesday morning, immediately local business owners claimed around 20 squatters entered the building, local residents were complaining of the load music being played from within the restaurant which caused a lot of disturbance to The Gotham Hotel which is attached to the same building.

The group of trespassers drew their squat logos on windows and material to use as victory flags that they put up around the building.

Court Enforcement Specialists were informed and our High Court Enforcement Agents were dispatched to the scene.

Once our High Court Enforcement Agents attended site they quickly gained peaceful entry into the building where they discovered aggressive individuals threatening to stab the High Court Enforcement Agents with needles while waving them in the air. Greater Manchester Police attended the site to over watch the eviction to ensure no breach of the peace occurred also in attendance were Great Manchester Fire Brigade to ensure the safety of the building and to give essential guidance to the squatters to ensure they followed Fire safety requirements while they attempted to squat within the building.

The eviction went smoothly and with very little disturbance from the Squatters who agreed to leave peacefully, within a few hours the building was made secure and handed back to the landlord thankfully with very little damage.

If you are a Commercial or Residential Landlord Managing Agent and find that your property has illegal trespassers squatting within your property without your permission we can deal with the matter in a professional manner,

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