Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bailiff?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Once upon a time there were three debtors...

The first debtor locked himself inside his house, ignoring all the letters and phone calls he received for months. The Big Bad Bailiff came to visit him, shouting as loud as he could and banging on the door with all his might.

He was very aggressive and intimidating, but that’s how he thought he needed to behave.

The debtor was terrified. They phoned the police and The Big Bad Bailiff was warned over his conduct.

The debt is still outstanding.

The second debtor was on his lunch break at work, when all of a sudden The Big Bad Bailiff appeared and started demanding immediate payment in full.

This caused no end of hassle for the debtor, who was humiliated at work and backed into a corner.

The debt was settled, but a complaint went in to The Big Bad Bailiff Company Ltd. They certainly didn’t need that.

Then came along TeamCES

The third debtor was visited by Court Enforcement Specialists.

Wearing body worn cameras, dressed smartly and with a firm but fair attitude, the Enforcement Agents were granted access to the house of bricks, where a payment arrangement was agreed upon by both parties.

The knowledge that the Agents had stood them in good stead to be able to carry out their instructions to the best of their ability.

The debt was settled and the debtor had no issues with the way the situation was handled.

The End.

So, is there always a ‘happily ever after?’

Of course not!

There will always be plot twists and bumps in the road, but one things for sure, the TeamCES approach is infinitely more successful than that of The Big Bad Bailiff.

You can huff and puff as much as you like, but it’s just the wrong approach.

At TeamCES, we want to make a positive change to the industry, and we are committed to raising standards and improving the reputation of Court Enforcement as a whole.

We will never meet the stereotype.

Not by the hairs on our chinny chin chin.


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