One Man Bands - Know Who You’re Dealing With

Working from home is becoming more and more popular. People choosing to get out of the rat race and set up on their own is a factor, as is a shift in employer attitudes to remote working.

But what does it all mean for B2B relations?

That depends.

The first thing that we would advise all businesses to do is to invest some time in finding out who they’re dealing with. Sometimes small businesses will try and appear bigger than they are with their brand name or their contact details.

A ‘headquarters’ on the address line could be a sofa in the living room, and Sandy from accounts could be a hamster in a child’s bedroom.

We get it, everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s nothing to say that these businesses aren’t outstanding. Many are.

But what happens if you need to file a claim against them, or instruct companies like ours to act on your behalf.

Is it any different to dealing with bigger businesses?

Well, yes it is.

Our Agents have different rules for dealing with domestic, residential properties, as opposed to commercial, business properties.

We won’t be able to gain access to a home business, unless there’s someone at home to let us in, or the door has been left open.

We can gain access to commercial buildings, and even though businesses may be operating from houses, our hands could be tied.

We aren’t powerless, far from it, and we can still seize cars and goods from outside the premises, but our enforcement activity certainly isn’t as effective as it could be.

So what can you do about it?

It’s simple really.

Know who you’re dealing with and make a decision on whether you’d like that to continue.

Think about the best case scenario and the worst case scenario.

Ask questions. Do a Google search. Ask us to do some digging for you.

Home businesses can be great, just as good as the alternative, but make sure you do your research.

20 email accounts for one person could be down to insecurity, but it could also be down to a lack of integrity.

Find out which sort of home business you’re working with.


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