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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Changes to Model Tenancy Agreements

People love pets.

The benefit of keeping animal companions are many and varied, but unfortunately, for many people living in rented accommodation, keeping pets just isn’t allowed.

Well all that could be about to change...

At present, just 7% of property available for letting is listed as being suitable for pets.

Landlords are understandably wary of allowing animals into their home, through fear that they could cause unnecessary damage.

Dog poo in the garden, scratches on the flooring, noise complaints from neighbours...

These are amongst some of the main worries that landlords have, and who can blame them?

Whilst these are undoubtedly reasonable concerns, the usual conditions of not allowing pets has always seemed somewhat harsh on the majority of tenants who are clean, courteous and considerate.

Landlords for these good tenants should be reassured that their property will be well looked after, just as the pet is looked after.

The new guidelines will be introduced on a voluntary basis at first, with landlords not legally bound to cooperate. Cementing this in law in the future hasn’t been ruled out though, so it might make sense for landlords to get on board whilst they have a choice.

This is another measure which has the potential to improve the relationships between landlords and tenants, following on from the scrapping of so called ‘no fault’ evictions.

Landlords may argue that it is just another example of the government siding with tenants, as opposed to landlords, but happy tenants who feel valued and secure are more likely to remain in the property and to ensure they live up to the expectations of the tenancy agreement.

From a CES perspective, as much as we love animals and keep pets of our own, we have to take into consideration that many more houses will be likely to have pets behind the front door.

Disgruntled and disturbed dogs (and mainly their owners) can present a real hazard to our agents, and have even been used as weapons against them in the past.

We support improving the lives of tenants with reviews to policy, but also want to reassure our clients that we will always be on hand to serve evictions and to retrieve unpaid rent whenever we are needed.

We’ll just have to make sure that we bring a few dog biscuits with us.


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