Recruitment Agencies Recovering Without Ruining Relationships

Recovering money for recruitment agencies is a big issue.

The industry is one of the most successful and fastest growing in the country, with consistent growth now for 10 years, but with growth comes difficulties.

The price of success, you could call it, but it isn’t right that Recruitment Agencies are finding it an increasingly common occurrence that they need to employ the services of an enforcement company in order to recover money owed to them by a client.

The tricky issue here, is that in most cases, Recruitment Agencies want to maintain their relationships with clients after the action has been taken.

There is a misconception that the bailiffs will go in all guns blazing and banging down the door, and that this will damage any remaining relationship that the agency hopes to maintain with a client.

We just won’t do that.

We know the importance of relationships and we are skilled in changing our tactics to support the maintenance of these ties.

Usually, there are three possible reasons that explain why Recruitment Agencies might be struggling to get their invoices settled.

An employer may have offered a temporary employee a permanent contract. This is great news for lots of reasons, but there are terms and conditions which stipulate the fees owed to the agency. Often, the employer may have overlooked this in the T&Cs.

If the employer hires an applicant for a position that is different to the one initially applied for, this can also mean that the T&Cs are overlooked. Again, a reason why invoices might not get settled on time, or at all.

It could be the case that the applicant leaves their role during the rebate or probationary period. Whilst there could be plenty of reasons for this, if the employer has broken the T&Cs, they could have invalidated their right to a replacement.

It’s all in the T&Cs then!

Recruitment Agencies should ensure that theirs are up to scratch, as unpaid invoices can have devastating effects on companies.

As long as they’re in place, and there’s a debt to recover, Court Enforcement Specialists will be on hand to get that cash flow back up and running!

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