Review Hearings - Another Hoop to Jump Through

We all know how much this pandemic has affected landlords…

...ever since the first evictions ban, the industry has been expected to shoulder an unreasonable amount of responsibility.

That’s extra responsibility for their tenant’s situation, mainly, irrespective of whether or not the tenant’s hardship had come about as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

As we know, in many cases, tenants have used the pandemic as a smoke screen to prevent them from being evicted by any means, when in actual fact, they were in arrears or even already going through the eviction process long before March 2020.

As if to add insult to injury, as things start to get moving again post lockdown, landlords now have to go through a second hearing, usually over the phone, known as a Review Hearing.

The purpose of these Review Hearings is to suss out whether or not the landlord has a substantive case to take the process any further, or whether the tenant will be able to stay put, paying no rent and making no indication as to whether they’ll ever be able to pay the arrears.

The whole arrangement is heavily weighted in the favour of the tenants, and the Review Hearing is no different, as in order to get ready for this part of the process, the landlord has to assemble a ‘Review Pack’ which details and evidences all of their grounds for eviction.

Contained within this pack must be the claims form, particulars of the claim, defence, rent statements for the last two years with a running total of arrears, daily rate of rent and interest, the tenancy agreement, statements setting out previous attempts to recover the arrears and the effect of Covid on the landlord, any information on the effect of Covid on the tenants and an Order from court.

Did you get all that?

As you can see, it’s a pretty onerous task for landlords when preparing for a Review Hearing, so much so that it is putting many off, especially as they aren;t guaranteed to be successful.

Landlord Action have had to set up a whole new team, dedicated specifically to dealing with the extra work relating to these cases.

We feel that this is just another hoop for landlords to have to jump through, all to get their money back, or at the very least, their property back in their hands.


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