Rooting Out Rogue Landlords

Brixton, London, 1972 (Images: Shelter)

Help Is Coming from The Government, But Is It Enough?

At Court Enforcement Specialists, we are privileged to have worked with some outstanding landlords over the years. The standards they set are way beyond expectation and it is always our pleasure to help them out whenever ‘bad tenants’ fall short of their end of the bargain.

Unfortunately, though, especially for the sake of all of the brilliant landlords out there, there will always be a few rogue individuals to sour the image and the reputation of landlords in general.

Failing to provide safe and sanitary accommodation is actually against the law, yet there are landlords up and down the country who continue to put tenants at risk in their properties.

Hard working tenants simply don’t deserve this, and the Government have acted to ensure that things start to change.

£4 million has been pledged to help tackle rogue landlords across 100 councils in England, and whilst there are calls from many that this is simply not enough, the money will at least contribute to the first steps being taken in redressing a balance.

The ultimate aim has never been to pit landlords against tenants and the other way around, as this isn’t in the best interests of either side.

A successful housing market for all can only ever be achieved with the establishment, maintenance and nurturing of positive relationships between tenants and landlords.

We’re big on the importance of relationships here at Court Enforcement Specialists...

The relationships that our enforcement officers will be building in this instance, are with tenants and councils who want to go after these rogue landlords, to enforce them to make the necessary changes to their properties so that their tenants can live there safely and happily.

A safe place to live is the very least that tenants expect when they enter into an agreement, and measures like this will improve standards across the country.

Bespoke training for enforcement officers will be paid for by this money, arming them with the knowledge of what they need to do when criminal landlords take advantage of their position in the market.

Vulnerable people will be helped here, such as care leavers and single parent families.

No fault evictions will be stopped in their tracks.

Court Enforcement Specialists looks forward to working with tenants and the council over the coming years, protecting vulnerable people and restoring the reputation of landlords in general.

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