Scum of the Earth Scamming Alive and Well in a Dying Economy


…they seem to thrive when all around them are just about struggling to survive, and this is perfectly illustrated with the scandal surrounding the Government’s Bounce Back Loan Scheme, set up to help struggling businesses survive the coronavirus crisis.

Organised criminal gangs have been using stolen details to set up false companies, and then apply for Government backed BBLS loans of up to £50,000.

We said it all along, that things like the furlough scheme and the BBLS were an opportunist’s wet dream, and sadly, we have been proven to be right.

There are countless stories of how individuals have had their details compromised or stolen, to then find that false businesses have been set up in their name and loans applied for.

These ‘businesses’ have then received their money and rode off into the sunset, leaving the police, the banks and the victims of fraud to pick up the pieces and connect the dots.

In many cases, the victims can find themselves liable to the debt (at least pending an investigation) and have their credit score adversely affected.

“Computer says no”, and all that…

In the long run, it is our children and our children’s children who will have to pay all of this back, and so now, more than ever, we are reminding everyone out there to make sure that your personal details are secure.

Addresses, DOBS, passwords, favourite colours and sports teams. The works.

A combination of any or all of your personal details are all that criminals need to firstly exploit you, and then exploit a Government loan system that was set up hastily in response to an impending economic crisis.

It was always going to happen, and many of you will be reading this and still thinking to yourself that it’ll never happen to you.

Well, that’s exactly what Mark Telling thought, only to later discover that ‘Tellings Home Made Furniture Service’, a bogus company set up in his name and with his details, had successfully defrauded the BBLS of £50,000.

Mr Tellling was understandably horrified, but he wasn’t the first to experience this, and he certainly won’t be the last.

Sadly, parasites are a part of life that we all have to deal with. You can protect yourself against them though, and an ‘it’ll never happen to me’ attitude is definitely not the way to go…


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