Stop waiting for this to ‘all blow over…’

Even if we could ‘go down the Winchester and wait for this to all blow over’, we’d have to wait until they open the pubs again, which seems a little while off just yet!

If you didn’t get the Shaun of the Dead reference there, we apologise, but let’s get serious for a minute…

…why are you waiting for this to all blow over?

Have the last ten months not shown you that inaction and inactivity put you straight to the back of the queue?

Enforcement may look very different at the moment, but that does not mean you should be sitting on your hands and waiting for a return to normality.

That return isn’t on the horizon yet, even with the roll out of the vaccines.

The time for twiddling your thumbs has long gone, and if you have debts to recover or evictions to pursue, you need to speak to #TeamCES and our partners RIGHT NOW.

The ban on evictions may prevent the final stage of enforcement from happening at the moment, but the wheels of the system are still turning all the way up to that stage, with court proceedings, notice serving, virtual enforcement and door step visits all still taking place.

If you, as a lender or landlord, can get yourself into a position where the only thing left to do is that which is currently banned, then there will be so much less to do when the ban expires.

If you don’t, and you choose to wait until everything is relaxed, you will find that your wait is even longer than it already has been, because there are thousands of other landlords and lenders already jostling for a place at the front of the queue.

The courts are still operating, and although things are taking a little while longer than in pre pandemic times (which is fair enough really!) there is no longer any use in showing patience with the easing of lockdown restrictions.

For one, you simply don’t have to, as enforcement companies like ours are poised and ready to receive your instructions and do everything we can to get you into pole position to notify your debtors, recover your debts, and then, eventually, carry out the final stages of the process.

We know from experience that debtors see no news as good news, and so you simply have to keep them in touch with your intentions, their obligations, and the eventual implications of these two facets.

We also know from experience that keeping in touch, within the parameters of the current regulations of course, can encourage debtors to act sooner rather than later, through not wanting the bill to rise any further.

So, act now.

Time is ticking and the queues are building.

Get to the front of the queue with #TeamCES.


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