Take The Law Into Your Own Hands At Your Peril

For tradesmen and women, there is nothing more infuriating than a client who refuses to pay.

It seems beyond belief at times, that someone would commission work to be done, only to withhold payment upon completion and hand over.

Unfortunately though, non payment or delayed payment is a problem faced by virtually every person in the trade. Nationally, as many as 10% of completed jobs aren’t paid for in the correct way, if indeed at all.

That percentage rises again if we include delayed payments.

Just like a lot of people, the team at TeamCES have shared a laugh at some of the viral videos of tradesmen ‘getting their own back’ on customers who refuse to pay.

We’ve seen the fronts of houses painted with messages such as ‘want your house painting? Pay the bill,’ heard tales of brickies dismantling walls that haven’t been paid for and landscapers who have dumped skip loads of debris onto the driveways of non payers.

We’ve seen footage of scaffolders who have painstakingly fenced in their client’s car with some of the neatest scaffolding you’re likely to see, as well as several videos of builders turning up at their clients’ houses to ask for money.

Facebook likes in the millions for some of those videos, but is it the best way to handle the situation?

Whilst the sense of injustice can be a powerful driving force and in some cases, humiliation can bring about a swift resolution to the unpaid debt, we would have to strongly advise people against any form of taking the law into their own hands.

There have been prosecutions for criminal damage against these would be heroes of social media, and when tempers flare, it isn’t hard to imagine a scenario where things could get violent either.

Whilst some of these efforts to get clients to pay might be funny for people on the outside, we can guarantee you that this is a job best left to the professionals.

You wouldn’t ask a Court Enforcement Agent to plaster your house or to rewire your electrics, so sparkies and plasterers shouldn’t be the ones to go and collect the debts.

We’re professionals for a reason.


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