Tale As Old As Time – Possession Orders

Sheriffs have been about for a fair old while now…

Since 992 AD in fact, making them the second oldest secular office next to the Crown itself.

An apolitical, impartial enforcement tool or service (however you like to label it) for landlords and lenders up and down this great nation.

Being apolitical brings its own challenges for the people involved in the industry, in that expressing views one way or another can seem to suggest a particular leaning, which is something that can’t be allowed to happen, for a number of reasons…

Whichever political party comes into power, the right and responsibility of High Court Enforcement Officers should remain the same. The only potential change concerns public perception of the industry.

It’s an emotive subject.

Portrayals in the media of evictions and repossessions, including those on popular television docu-series, affect viewers in different ways, but this is something that the industry has had to deal with for a very, very long time.

Long before television, that’s for sure.

The negative connotations attached to bailiffs for debtors and bad tenants, and the firm but fair way in which they carry out their instructions is nothing new, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to deal with for the industry.

Landlords tend to love the institution, as it can be vital in returning to them what they are owed.

Again, this is a tale as old as time itself.

And for some, this where politics come into it.

Left leaning parties might consider the actions, instructions and implementation of possession orders to be too harsh, none empathetic and even unfair.

Those with a more conservative world view might look at possession orders as par for the course, something that comes with the territory of agreements and contracts.

There will be exceptions to the rules and different angles to every argument…


…none of these arguments should concern, upset or worry the industry into doing anything other than what it has always done…


It’s never personal, it can’t be political, but it is always professional.

Parties come and go, politics waxes and wanes, but possession orders are a tale as old as time, and Court Enforcement Specialists are the vehicle for this to continue.

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