The Low Down on Travellers and Hard Standing Sites

What You Need to Know…

In the UK there are roughly 300 hard standing traveller sites, catering for approximately 6,000 pitches.

These sites offer more permanent places for communities to settle, and are seen by councils as both a duty of care and as a way of reducing the impact of travellers upon the places they inhabit.

Whilst the provisions, facilities and conditions do tend to vary from one site to another, there are no statutory requirements for local authorities to provide any kind of site at all, and so it could be argued that they are already going above and beyond.

All that is specified, is that reference should be made to travelling communities in local planning and development documents, with regards to addressing their needs.

That seems fair enough!

Here are the figures…

Of 23,125 caravans (July 2019):

· 6,633 are on socially rented sites.

· 13,410 are on privately funded sites.

· 2,047 are on unauthorised developments.

· 1,035 are on unauthorised land that isn’t owned by travellers.

This means that 13% of caravans across the country are on unauthorised land, and these are the travellers who companies like TeamCES have the most contact with.

These groups of travellers can be moved on at the drop of a hat, usually to the next piece of unauthorised land they can find.

Of course at TeamCES, we understand these communities and know that simply demanding that they move is rarely enough to get them to actually move…

Relationships, respect and rapport come into it here, but that’s another story and what makes us different to the rest.

How does the picture look locally?

As of July 2019, there were 52 caravans in Tameside and 131 caravans in Salford, with 47 of those in Tameside and 99 of those in Salford having permanent planning permission, most of them at hard standing sites.

This still leaves a little wiggle room for caravans to crop up in unauthorised locations, and TeamCES are always on hand to help remove them under common law or with writs of possession.

If you’re having a hard time understanding all things hard standing, then give us a call and we’d be only too happy to offer our advice or our services.


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