Traveller Eviction – Not A Criminal Matter

The conversation rumbles on over whether traveller eviction should be left to civil enforcement agencies, or if the police should get involved.

At Court Enforcement Specialists, we are of the opinion that the removal of traveller communities from illegally occupied sites should continue to be a matter for certificated enforcement agents like ours, as they are highly trained and highly successful with proven ability in negotiation tactics they have acquired over years of experience.

The police share our view on who should handle these types of situations, which is refreshing to hear, as it shows they are well aware of the different attitudes and approaches which can affect sensitive subjects such as this.

It all comes down to relationships, respect and rapport.

The police are unable to build relationships with traveller communities, due to how far their resources are stretched. The time simply doesn’t exist for conversations to take place and for mutual understanding to develop.

Respect for the police from the travellers themselves doesn’t exist at all in many cases, and where it does exist, it is often hanging by a thread.

Rapport comes from the previous two, and is the vital bargaining chip in establishing a positive result.

Civil Enforcement Agencies like ours have the time and the resources to build relationships, earn respect and maximise the resulting rapport. It’s why our success rate is bullet proof, flawless.

Breaking the cycle of police involvement, trespasser removal and unnecessary arrests is so important for the people in these communities, especially the children.

For children and young people growing up in a world where there are constant clashes with the police, the likelihood of this affecting their own adult lives is significantly higher than their unaffected peers.

Court Enforcement Specialists don’t offer traveller communities anything different than what the police are trying to achieve, but it is the way in which we go about our business that sets us apart.

We get to know the people we are evicting from site. We check to see if their families have everything that they need. We approach every conversation, meeting and review with purpose, professionalism and that personal touch.

It makes a difference to the traveller communities and achieves results for our clients.

The police are right. Leave it to us.

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