Wedding Worries – Patience is a Virtue

You’ve probably waited years for your big day to arrive.

The venue was booked, the guests were invited and all that was left to happen was the day itself…

…and then coronavirus took hold.

Annoying, distressing, inconvenient?


The end of the world?

Definitely not.

You’ve been patient enough up to this point, and if you use your head right now, being patient for a little while longer should make complete sense and prove very worthwhile in the long run.

You see, all those services, suppliers and venues you’ve booked, they want to come through the other side of this as well.

We can assure you, not one photographer, cake maker, musician or caterer is happy to have had to cancel their commitments.

They are not counting their money and laughing.

Many of the services and suppliers to the wedding industry come from the so called ‘gig economy’, which is undoubtedly one of the hardest hit demographics of this crisis.

If income is a tap, there’s hasn’t just been turned off, but the water supply has been cut as well.

Any help that is available, will be slow to come through, and though you may be wondering why this concerns you and your big day…bear with us…

All services and suppliers, all human beings in fact, have costs that need to be covered. When losses come into play, those losses must be covered as well.

The unprecedented nature of this pandemic means that the knock-on effect is felt harder than ever.

The wedding is cancelled and the suppliers are cancelled, but the venue still has bills to pay and the suppliers have their own lives to pay for.

We’re not forgetting you, by the way, you who have spent thousands on the wedding of your dreams.

You can, as a consumer, get most or all of your money back by following the usual procedures.

Just as you would if the services were substandard, or if your DJ cancelled late.

Your consumer rights are exactly the same as they normally would be, but the situation is completely different.

As you’ll have seen in some of our posts, we are big advocates for looking after the little guy, which is why we’re advising patience with addressing your wedding worries.

You should absolutely make contact with all parties as soon as you can, but expecting all or some of your money back immediately, might be a little unrealistic right now.

Patience is a virtue, and just think of the atmosphere at your wedding, when it does eventually happen, if all of your suppliers, entertainers, caterers and services are able to follow through with what you’ve paid for.

Even better and much more pertinently though, just think how special it will be if all of your invited guests are able to attend.

Be patient.

Stay safe.


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