Wedding Worries – What You Need to Know

At #TeamCES we look after our clients and consumers alike, and so, as promised, we want to cover some of the concerns that soon-to-be-weds and their families will be experiencing right now.

Obviously, health is the most important thing, but when this is all over, or under control at least, weddings will still take place and there will be plenty to catch up on.

Chances are, you know someone who has been affected by a cancelled wedding, due to COVID-19.

If you do, make sure you share our blogs with them, as it could help them make the most of a bad situation…

It’s good to talk…

Venues and suppliers want your business, they don’t want to close and they are hopefully doing everything they can to avoid damaging their reputation.

The sooner you reach out and talk to them, the better.

We know of couples who acted swiftly for weddings in late May, who have been able to postpone the wedding for one year.

Same venue, same suppliers, just a year late. All this was achieved through open, honest and early conversations.

You’ll get your money back if…

Weddings are expensive! On top of all the disappointment and inconvenience, there will of course be money worries.

If the venue or supplier cancels your wedding, you’ll be entitled to a full refund in most cases. .

Always consult your wedding insurance policy if you have one, and consider the credit card route of Section 75 if that’s available to you.

Obviously, the circumstances of the cancellation will determine how easy this is, as some venues will undoubtedly go out of business…

Does this mean you won’t get your money back?

Not necessarily, but you’ll almost certainly have to wait a while longer.

Filing your claim with the administrator will be the first port of call, but be patient, administrators are likely to be busy in the coming months.

If you’re getting coronavirus cold feet, and are looking to cancel your wedding yourselves, you need to ensure that you don’t end up losing more than you need to.

The small print usually dictates that wedding venues and suppliers will only be able to keep part of the deposit, an amount that covers their losses for things like food and alcohol that may have already been bought.

If your cancellation happens at the eleventh hour though, they would probably have reasonable grounds to keep most of the deposit…

So, to summarise…

…talk to the venue and all of your suppliers as soon as you can.

Chances are, they’ll be expecting your call and fingers crossed you can postpone or rearrange amicably. That is, after all, in everyone’s best interests.

Also, don’t panic about getting your money back for everything straight away, and definitely don’t assume you’ve lost everything just yet.

We’ve got one more blog coming on coronavirus cancelled weddings, with more specific details for recovering certain losses.

Couples will be able to get married again.

By reading our advice, they may also not end up out of pocket.


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