What a Load of Rubbish Staffordshire Warehouse Nightmare!

At Court Enforcement Specialists we hear all kinds of horror stories from landowners and landlords alike, about problems such as:

· illegal dumping

· malicious vandalism

· bad tenancies

…but a recent case in Staffordshire was still more than enough to make us wince as we learned what the bill would be for the clean up operation.

A staggering £1 million was estimated as the eventual cost for the warehouse owners, to clear their site of a huge accumulation of illegally dumped waste.

More than 5,000 tonnes of waste was left at the site.


This unexpected and eye wateringly expensive cost could well have been more than enough to sink other companies.

With that collapse comes associated redundancies and the potential knock on effect to consumers and the supply chain.

It’s just not good…

So why is it happening on an increasingly large and regularly recurring scale?

There are a number of reasons…

Firstly, for organised crime and gangs, illegal dumping is big business.

It only takes a couple of tipper trucks and a conversation over the phone before a bogus firm can start collecting and delivering your waste to an illegal or unregistered tipping site.

Unfortunately, the origin of the rubbish is often easily traceable, whilst the illegal tippers can be very hard to track down.

Secondly, there is a demand for the services of these chancers, as in an increasingly environmentally conscious world, tighter restrictions are placed on what can be tipped by companies and where.

This creates a situation where things are just wanted rid of, by any means necessary, legal or not.

The Environment Agency acknowledge that the problem is growing, and that it is an issue faced by both domestic and commercial parties.

The advice is for people to rigorously check the compliance and integrity of the company employed with their waste removal and disposal.

This is often easier said than done of course, but putting in the leg work at the earliest possible opportunity could protect businesses and individuals from costly clean ups and even legal proceedings down the line.


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