Who’s Getting Married in The Morning? Not you...

One of the harsh realities that many of us have had to face over the last few months, has been the forced cancellation of all weddings, christenings and other events.

Lockdown birthdays and quarantine anniversary dinners have become a thing worthy of their own hashtags, as people populate social media with their best efforts from home...

...but weddings are different.

The biggest and best day of your life cannot be replicated behind closed doors (no matter how many banks come up with clever little poems for adverts...)

The trouble with weddings, as many couples and families are now finding out, is that they are usually paid for well in advance of the occasion.

With venues and businesses in the industry faced with the imminent prospect of collapsing like a house of cards, what protection is there for consumers?

Well, it’s a mixed bag.

Some couples have been fortunate enough to reschedule everything, postponing to a date in the future, 2021 and beyond.

Those who’ve paid on credit cards will be breathing a sigh of relief too.

But for all those couples scratching their heads and tearing their hair out, we’ve complied some advice for consumers that we’ll be releasing here shortly.

We’ll be covering things such as what your rights are, what you are liable to pay, and how you should move forward with your plans.

This isn’t about pulling the plug on an industry that is feeling the strain, it’s about supporting people to make the best out of the situation we’ve been presented with.

Information gives you knowledge, and knowledge gives you power, which is a priceless commodity right now, when we’re all feeling pretty powerless.

We can’t help consumers make sure they still fit in their wedding dress in 12 months’ time.

We definitely can’t help consumers keep the engagement going through the rest of lockdown!

Good luck with that...

We can, however, make sure that everyone who reads our blogs and articles is clued up on what to do, if they or someone they know has been affected by the forced cancellation of their wedding.

So, no...

...you’re probably not getting married in the morning, or the near future for that matter, but our helpful advice will give you best chance of still being able to get married, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

If you want to learn more, just say “I do...”

...and keep an eye out for the next blogs on the topic.


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