“You Can’t Stop Here…” …says Mr. Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson has just given us all a lesson in ‘what not to do’ should you find that travellers have pitched up on your land…

The former Top Gear presenter first discovered travellers on his land when they introduced themselves and asked for a selfie, as “plenty of people do” on his farm, he says.

Understandably worried that this could lead to a further trespass or establishment of an illegal encampment (after all, he’s not lacking for suitable land...) Clarkson decided to phone the non emergency 101 line to discuss his issue.

He’s not exactly famous for his patience, Jeremy Clarkson, and so after waiting for his call to be answered, he decided to call 999 to report the incident.

This was where it all started to go wrong...

Apparently, the operator asked Mr. Clarkson to describe the trespassers, but when he used the term ‘travellers’ he was warned to change his language so that a new line of inquiry into racial discrimination did not need to be set up.

It sort of goes without saying that this is a case of political correctness gone mad, especially as the travellers has introduced themselves as just that – ‘travellers’, but this isn’t the point we’re trying to make.

The approach that the famous presenter took was wrong from the start, and as we always tell our clients, a private enforcement company like ours should be the first port of call whenever you have an issue with travellers or other trespassers on your land.

The police can only do so much, and in many cases, they are slow or unwilling to respond to cases like this, purely because they already know that their hands are tied.

Companies like ours are not just experts in the legalities of these situations, but we also possess the man power to deal with them.

We also have the relevant and necessary valuable experience and industry knowledge, things which the police force just doesn’t have for cases like this.

It’s not a criticism of the police by any stretch of the imagination, it’s simply a statement about how things are. They haven’t got the man power or the expertise to deal with these situations effectively, whereas companies like ours do.

The relationships and rapport we have with these communities is something else that comes in handy. There is a shared understanding and a mutual respect, a willingness to cooperate.

Ask any police force around the country if they feel a mutual respect or willingness to cooperate between them and the traveller communities they come into contact with...

...we know what the answer will be.

Do we sympathise with Mr. Clarkson? Of course we do. We just hope he gives #TeamCES a call next time, instead of wasting his time with 101 or 999.


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