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Traveller/Gypsy Eviction Service

At Court Enforcement Specialists we don't just use Enforcement Agents, we are the Enforcement Agents. The majority of our Enforcement Agents are Ex-Armed Forces, with proven ability in negotiation tactics. These skills have been acquired not just through evicting Trespassers, but over the many years on operational tours around the world. 


You won’t find another firm within the country quite like us, as we all work together as a unit on a daily basis, year in year out, Enforcing Possession orders for our clients.

​Once we are instructed, we aim to have an Enforcement Agent in full uniform on your site within an hour anywhere in England and Wales, traffic and distance dependent. 

Did you know that as the Landlord/Acting Agent, that you have the right to self help if you find your land has been encroached by Travellers/Gypsies?

And that if they have set up an illegal camp without your permission, by instructing Court Enforcement Specialists, we can evict the Travellers/Gypsies under Common Law, Halsbury Law of England and Wales without any lengthy and costly Court Proceedings.

Our Process:

1. Call our office to discuss your issue on 0161-507-0626 option 3 (we are available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)

2. Complete Landlord’s Authority to Act form. (Once completed you will be contacted by an eviction specialist) 

3. Our Enforcement Agents will attend to Serve Notice to Vacate Land on the Travellers/Gypsies.

4. If the Travellers fail to leave within the time stated, our Agents will re-attend to evict the trespassers.

(We also offer a Serve and Evict service)


We aim to remove the Travellers/Gypsies as quickly and peacefully as possible, in order to prevent as much disruption to your organisation and property as possible.

 To instruct us click on the link below:

Order for possession

If you have an order for possession, the quickest and most effective way to have the order enforced is to use the services of our High Court Enforcement Officer using a writ of possession.

If your looking to find out more about services we offer or you would like to discuss how we can assist you, please complete the form below:

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