About Court Enforcement Specialists

Our aim is to bring a modern compliant approach to the High Court and civil Enforcement Sector within England & Wales.

We are regulated

Our collection sector incorporates Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAA) and other non-CEAA regulated bodies.

We are fair

No matter what the debt type, we are committed to taking a fair, sensitive & principle-based approach to debt recovery, ensuring fair outcomes for defendants.

We are skilled

The majority of our Enforcement Agents are ex-armed forces who have served on operational tours around the world with extensive negotiation skill set.

Our service

We are governed under the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 which ensures we operate in an ethical manner through fixed and transparent fee schedules, we aim to protect vulnerable customers and adapt good practices for training and certification of enforcement agents acting on our & your behalf.

Our service incorporates High Court Enforcement Officers Association (HCEOA) . Our High Court Enforcement Officer is authorised personally by the Lord Chancellor or his designated person pursuant to paragraph 2 (1) of Schedule 7 of the Courts Act 2003 and Regulation 6 of the High Court Enforcement Officers Regulations 2004 to execute judgments and orders of the High and County Court of England and Wales. ​

Our mission

Our mission at Court Enforcement Specialists is to provide the highest quality High Court & Civil Enforcement services to our clients – both private individuals and businesses. To unite national standards of Civil Enforcement expertise, innovative technology, attention to detail and excellence in client and customer care. We want to establish ourselves as the most innovative and responsive firm in the North West providing dynamic products and services Nationally that anticipate and address the real problems and challenges that our clients face.

​We aim to continually evaluate our corporate goals, to find better ways to conduct our business and exceed our clients’ expectations.

​We aim to continually evaluate our corporate goals, to find better ways to conduct our business and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Other Services


We provide a professional and cost-effective service to all our clients.

Charity & Community

Walking With The Wounded help veterans re-intergrate back into society and sustain their independence.

Careers & Training

Court Enforcement Specialists offer careers and training opportunities to trainees, existing agents, and ex-armed forces.

Our staff

CEO Gareth Joseph Haggerty
CEO Gareth Joseph Haggerty
Gareth has over 12 year’s experience within the Enforcement sector after a 6 Year
Military Career.​He has a wealth of knowledge within the industry on-street and office experience, He has particular expertise in Negotiation, Protestor, Traveller Removal, High Court Enforcement, Forfeiture of lease and Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery typically called CRAR, NNDR Non Domestic Rates, RTD Road Traffic Debts, Council Tax Recovery, Arrest Warrants. Furthermore he comes from a third generation of the family bailiff’s/Enforcement Agent’s.​​
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HCEO Claire Sandbrook
HCEO Claire Sandbrook
Claire is an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer, her role at Court Enforcement Specialists
covers all High Court matters, as she specialises in this area with over 37 years’ experience in the business with a wealth of knowledge and experience combined.
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Administration Office Staff
Administration Office Staff
Our people … are our greatest asset.It is an honour to be able to
say this about our staff at Court Enforcement Specialists. We’ve built a team of dedicated staff whose hard work and genuine care for what they do is evident to all. our clients.​
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Our High Court & Civil Enforcement Agents

All our agents are Level 3 endorsed in Taking Control of Goods,this is the first Enforcement Agent/Bailiff Level 3 endorsed course in history.

Bailiffs are one of the world’s oldest professions but until now, no training of this level has been available.

The course has been developed to help lift the quality and improve the standards and consistency within the industry.

Each of our Agents are fully versed and trained on The Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

All of our agents can:

Enforce a case effectively & safely
Identify potential hazards & carry out risk assessments in a real life situation
Use observation to gain more knowledge of a case
Communicate with a debtor effectively and confidently

Professional approach

We at Court Enforcement Specialists stride to provide High Court and Civil Enforcement within England & Wales to all our Clients in a personnel, dedicated & professional service. With excellent understanding of all the services we provide to you as our client, from the back office too the Enforcement Agent’s on the ground, all our personnel are well trained in conflict management to cope with any difficult circumstances that may arise, getting the best possible outcome for your needs.

To match our expert manner, we also like to take our appearance very seriously, all our Enforcement Agents wear White Shirts, Black Trousers and Community Support Vests with a Pinnacle Body Worn CCTV Camera. We believe that making our first initial impact is as important as when we leave. You can be assured of a professional approach.


If you are considering using them, don’t hesitate, they simply do what it says on the tin to the best of their ability and within the boundaries of the law. I would not hesitate using their services again, if ever I had to. Top class service, top class people, top class full stop. I cannot thank them all enough for standing in my corner. This company is a credit to the country as a whole as I understand they do work all over the United Kingdom. I’m so glad I found them, now I can move on and draw a line under this matter.

Amelya G Glynn

Gareth & his team are professional, thorough and provide a great service to their clients. I would recommend Court Enforcement Specialists for anyone who is struggling with collection of debts or evictions as these matters will be dealt with quickly and efficiently, concluding with a positive outcome.

Rachel Lambert