We offer a no trace, no fee service. Successful traces are charged at £45.00 plus VAT.

Tracing Service

Each year millions of residents and business owners in the UK will leave their premises with no new address whilst leaving sums of money owing. At Court Enforcement Specialists we offer a ‘No Trace, No Fee’ service to make sure you have the correct contact details of a ‘lost’ customer, enabling you to arrange any repayments, collect arrears or reunite customers with their assets.

It is very easy losing touch with customers, but not so easy to find them again.

Our tracing service is widely used by both organisations and individuals, locating all the data from various internal and external sources to get you the best results possible.

If in the event we are unable to locate up to date information for the subject you are tracing then no fee will be applied for this service.

We can make your life simpler by tracing your debtors. We have access to the UK’s widest range of data sources. We investigate and confirm the identities of individuals quickly and easily.

A person’s identity is more than just a name and address. When you want to find out more, We open up the true meaning of an individual’s profile by combining offline, online and social data. We use a Data delivery platform that we can access this insight via a range of innovative channels.

In a Nutshell

  • We search for, investigate and contact individuals using multiple data sets
  • We use minimal information e.g. partial name , address or email to access results
  • We can access the largest pool of independent data on the UK population
Why use us?

Trace and confirm a person’s details

You have a last known address, but when you dial the landline number you were given it no longer connects. You need to know where an individual has moved to and their current phone number. We have the largest pool of unique name and address details you simply can’t get anywhere else.

You can even find information on individuals who may not have a credit footprint. We have access to more than 114 million telephone numbers, giving you the confidence that the person your looking for is the one we trace.

Locate people

You’ve been told a person your looking for is at a new address, but how confident are you they’re living there? We have the capability to link the previous address to the individuals new address, with up to 13 million updates every month, enabling us to track a person from one property to the next. We can use the linked address search to ensure the address we’ve found is the most recent, and we can access consented telephone data so we can be sure the new landline is in the surname we’re checking.

Contact the right person, first time

We Make sure we have the most-up-to-date information for our clients as it is vital and can often be a factor in regulatory compliance. We use multiple data sources to give you the confidence you need in our data and validates that information, so you as our client know how relevant and, more importantly, how accurate it is.

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