A Win for the Travellers!

A Win for the Travellers!

It seems that not all travellers live up to their bad reputation as proven with a situation in Hillsborough.

Around 14 caravans and a tent on the Parkside Road site in Hillsborough Park have landed on the property. However, this is disrupting learner drivers performing manoeuvres into empty parking bays.

This seems to be the only form of disruption caused by the travellers setting up on the land as the local community say they keep the area tidy and quiet. The local people in the area have no problem with the travellers as they are viewed as being very respectful of those within the community.

Now for some good news! The travellers have caught the attention of Sheffield Council who have outlined a potential new official site for the travellers which will see five hectares of land near Crystal Peaks to provide 44 new pitches.

South Yorkshire Police have stated no crimes have been committed at this stage and are not involved and the case sits with the local authority for the time being as the only offence is a civil one which trespassing.

#TeamCES absolutely love hearing these stories. We deal with aggression and aggression and conflict and confrontation on a daily basis and when we hear of peaceful resolutions such as this we are delighted.

It is refreshing to hear positive news on these cases, and we wish the travellers the best of luck for the future and have our fingers crossed the plans by the council come into effect soon.

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