After the eviction… A Happy Ending

After the eviction… A Happy Ending

You may remember, from a few months ago, when we told the story of a large scale eviction from a complex site in Trafford, that we planned and executed with the assistance and support of some of our trusted partners, as well as under the watchful eye and with the guidance of Trafford and Salford Councils.

Refresh your memory here:

Well, we’ve recently had an update about the people we evicted, amongst whom were young couples and families with children, and we’d like to share it with you, our followers.

It’s a common misconception that companies like ours go in to these assignments with one goal, to clear the trespassers and give the property owner full control of their asset again, and whilst this is of course, the primary objective, it pays no respect to the after care that goes into a project of this scale.

We were never obliged to invite the Council to the eviction, rather we chose to, because we knew that a large number of people were likely to be displaced with nowhere to go. We weren’t obliged to ensure that all of our agents took part in coronavirus safe training programmes, rather we made sure this happened for the safety of everyone involved, not least the evictees.

Two examples there of how we take compliance to a different level, in that we don’t just meet standards, we set new ones.

Anyway, enough about us, what about the people we moved on?

Well, we are delighted to report that all parties are now housed elsewhere, legally too, and whilst these may be temporary solutions, we applaud our colleagues within Trafford and Salford Council for their exceptional after care, in ensuring suitable accommodation was found quickly, especially as we approached the colder months.

Furthermore, we are hearing that some of the evicted persons are now in work, or education, which is something they would not have been able to say, had they still been squatting in one of the three buildings.

If you remember, the conditions were poor and the outlook was even more bleak. That outlook has now taken an upward turn, during a national pandemic too.

The same kind of outcome is what we look for when working with Westminster Council, as we look to move homeless people on from their camps and sites.

We’re not all about kicking people when they’re down, it’s about signposting them to the right help, because help is out there, and we can help get them access to it.

We have a job to do, and we do it very well, but few things please us more than a happy ending.

Here’s hoping we have many more to report on, especially as we move towards a Christmas period that is likely to be different from any we have lived through before.

If you are from Greater Manchester and in a similar situation or you know of someone then you can get help by clicking the links below:

Trafford Council

Homelessness (

Salford City Council

Homelessness • Salford City Council

Keep looking for the happy endings, and you’ll find them every now and then.

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