Back to Business Enforcement Given Green Light

Back to Business Enforcement Given Green Light

After what feels like an eternity, we’re not far away from returning to full operations…

The Government has updated the legislation, and we can now update you on what this means for us and our clients.

Firstly, the ‘emergency conditions’ will end on 23rd August 2020, so expect a full return on the 24th.

Busy times ahead!

The changes to the legislation mean that enforcement visits to residential properties will resume from 24th August.

This date also applies to taking control of goods on the highway. Residential possession proceedings too, are expected to reconvene on this date.

In terms of transferring up to the High Court, you can go ahead and do this online right now, as you normally would.

We’ll be able to issue Notice of Enforcement as soon as we are instructed, and subsequently make our visits once the notice is up, or we’re past the 24th August (whichever is the most applicable).

Taking control of goods at commercial premises is still operational and manageable, and as we have previously stated, everyone associated with #TeamCES has undergone COVID related training and is able to ensure safe and socially distanced practices.
This will become the new norm in enforcement, as we emerge from lockdown into some kind of normal life.

The HCEA have been clear with their guidance…

This, coupled with the Governmental guidelines, has helped the industry to develop a robust and effective set of standards for everyone to live up to.

It’s all about everyone’s safety. The claimants, the debtors, our staff. At #TeamCES, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of all stakeholders, and we are looking forward to taking on the role as industry leaders in the post pandemic world of enforcement.

One further tweak to the legislation offers extra protection for businesses who have struggled to stay afloat during these unprecedented times.

The use of CRAR during this period will begin only when the amount of rent due amounts to a period equal to 189 days, up from 90 days.

Hopefully, this will give recovering companies some extra breathing space to either bounce back, or to prepare for closure.

There are undoubtedly challenging months ahead, and a sympathetic and understanding approach to enforcement should not disappear simply because we are on the way out of things.

We will maintain our compliance and our approach to vulnerability, but we are also ready to serve our clients, many of whom have been waiting patiently…

…to get back what they are owed.

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