Bolton Arena – Big Networking Expo 2019 Sponsored by The Exclusec Group.

Bolton Arena – Big Networking Expo 2019 Sponsored by The Exclusec Group.

What is The Big Networking Expo 2019 and why we attended:

The Big Networking Expo sponsored by The Exclusec Group, offered exhibitors and delegates the unique opportunity to meet a diverse gathering of business owners, networking specialists, decision makers and entrepreneurs. As a business-to-business event, the Expo enables exhibitors to engage with customers who are attending with the specific intention of making new contacts.

There were three seminars throughout the day, covering a range of topics including the value of teamwork, getting results your networking and stress awareness for employers. There were also three workshops provided by Local iQ on digital marketing.

We at Court Enforcement Specialists found that around 70 Exhibitors attended THE BIG BOLTON EXPO it was the destination for businesses to build contacts, increase visibility and showcase to the local audience with over 500 people in the room, THE BIG BOLTON EXPO is all about bringing people together to build relationships, showcase products and services and do business.

Court Enforcement Specialists Expo Stand 2019

So on this Expo we decided to go for something a little different a run down caravan to exhibit one of the services we provide that being Trespasser Evictions, we found the idea to be a complete success with plenty of people asking why we had such a run down Caravan on our stand which was a great line opener into High Court and Civil Enforcement Services we provide.

At Court Enforcement Specialists we don't just use Enforcement Agents we are the Enforcement Agents, the majority of our Enforcement Agents are former-Armed Forces with proven ability in negotiation tactics that they have acquired not just evicting Trespassers but over the many years on operational tours around the world. You wont find another firm within the country quite like us, we all work together as a unit on a daily basis, year in year out Enforcing Possession orders.

Once we are instructed we aim to have an Enforcement Agent in full uniform on your site within an hour anywhere in England and Wales Traffic and Distance dependent.

Did you know as the Landlord/Acting Agent that you have the right to self help, if you find your Land has been encroached by Travellers/Gypsies and set up an illegal camp without your permission by instructing Court Enforcement Specialists we can Evict the Travellers/Gypsies under Common Law, Halsbury Law of England and Wales without lengthy and costly Court Proceedings.

The Exclusec Group Expo Stand 2019

It was a pleasure to catch up with the Management and Team at The Exclusec Group who were the Event Sponsors we found the services they provide to be very professional.

Founded in 2010, The ExcluSec Group Ltd (previously Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd) is run and managed by directors James Bancroft and Michelle Khan.

ExcluSec are a privately owned, professional, reliable and accredited soft services provider who provide a range of tailored services to private individuals, charitable organisations and corporate clients throughout the North West and the UK.

Their directors, senior management team and operational staff understand that their service often becomes an integral part of their clients business activity. Their service delivery is based on listening to their clients needs and giving their advice to provide a positive and long lasting business relationship.

ExcluSec are not just another ‘service provider’. Their services focus on delivering exceptional customer service and this ethos is cascaded to staff throughout all levels.

With their Head Office in Bolton and satellite offices in Manchester City Centre and Warrington, The ExcluSec Group are well position to support our client portfolio throughout the North West.

They operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and their team are available to assist and support their clients as and when required.

Pinnacle Response Expo Stand 2019

The staff at Pinnacle Response are full of knowledge of their products they provide as an existing Body Camera provider to Court Enforcement Specialists we couldn't recommend using their products and for an added bonus our Enforcement Agents received free Pinnacle Torches which were received with open hands.

Pinnacle Response is a world leading manufacturer of the highest quality body worn video cameras for Police Forces and the professional Security Sector. Two models of body worn cameras have been carefully developed, the PR5 and the recently launched PR6. Each camera provides exceptional HD audio visual quality matched with market leading durability through design.

An intuitive Digital Evidence Management System (D.E.M.S) allows the storage and review of video footage with secure, evidential integrity.

Their cameras are used in over thirty countries around the world by thousands of customers including UK and European Police, Local Authorities and professional Security within prestigious organisations and businesses.

Fresh Perspective Expo Stand 2019

It was also lovely to speak to the team and find out what they have to offer to their clients we found the team at Fresh Perspective to be full of energy and have a clear goal to succeed in their chosen arena.

They created Fresh because they wanted to share their knowledge, help employers be better at recruitment and treat people as they want to be treated themselves. They know from years of experience that their customers, have probably had a bad experience with recruitment in the past and that recruitment has almost become a dirty word. That’s why they are bringing their clients a service that offers all the advantages of having an internal recruitment team who completely understand your business without having to employ that team full time or do all of the work yourselves. They listen when their clients told them that they wanted an alternative to the traditional hard-sell, high fees recruitment agencies.

More information about Court Enforcement Specialists can be found on its website – – or by calling 01615070626.

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