Bombardment – It just isn’t the #TeamCES way

Bombardment – It just isn’t the #TeamCES way

You might remember that we recently shared an article about a man who had been contacted seven times in seven hours, by the Court Enforcement company tasked with pursuing his debt.

We talked about how this method of enforcement, whilst not strictly against the rules, was simply not the ‘right’ way for a company in our industry to operate.

Sadly, there are still companies out there who use this method of bombardment to pressure debtors into coming up with funds they simply don’t have.

In some cases, people resort to desperate measures like using loan sharks or even turning to crime to pay off their debts, and neither of those scenarios end well for anyone.

Even worse, are the examples where bombardment puts so much pressure on an individual that they contemplate harming themselves, and that’s a sad reality in this day and age, especially with the added challenges presented by the ongoing cost of living crisis.

We’re not saying that all pursuit of debt poses a risk of suicide, but as Dr Lisa Cameron MP puts it:
“…the way people are bombarded with letters and calls about their debt is causing grave distress — and in some cases is even contributing to people becoming suicidal.”

This isn’t hypothetical, it’s the actual findings of extensive research, which is surely cause for the irresponsible minority of companies within our industry to sit up, take notice and change their practices.

The research Lisa Cameron refers to found that nearly half of UK adults who were behind on their payments or repayments had felt suicidal during (and as a result of) the cost of living crisis.
Just one would be too many and we’re talking about nearly half.

It’s frightening to think about the potential outcomes for the families of those affected.

At #TeamCES, we firmly agree with Lisa Cameron, when she says that the government have to act now to stop debt collection agencies bombarding people. There are currently no restrictions in place which prevent things like the seven times in seven hours situation, and so any company that chooses to operate in that way, technically isn’t doing anything wrong.

Of course, we know that it is wrong, but it isn’t wrong ‘on paper’ and that’s why the government need to step in and put a stop to it.

At #TeamCES, not only do we disagree with this form of enforcement, we actively try to change the face of enforcement, by dealing with cases professionally and empathetically at every stage.

Bombardment isn’t the #TeamCES way, and it shouldn’t be the way full stop.

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