Changes to Enforcement and Evictions – The Latest

Changes to Enforcement and Evictions – The Latest

For our clients, TeamCES have an important update to enforcement and evictions proceedings.

Enforcement at Residential Properties

On the 31st May, as announced by The Ministry of Justice, the guidance asking enforcement agents not to enter residential properties to take control of goods will come to an end.

With this entry to the judgment debtor’s property, it will also mean that writs of control will be able to be enforced.

Residential Evictions

Also coming to an end on the 31st May, is the legislative moratorium on residential evictions. This moratorium has prevented enforcement agents from carrying out evictions for more than a year.

Writs of possession can be instructed as of now, so that we can start the ball rolling, but please be aware that we will only be able to send out eviction notices as of the 1st June.

The above information is relevant to England, as a similar moratorium in Wales is currently in place until the 30th June.

Government Guidance on COVID-19 Safety

TeamCES have been following the Government’s guidance on working throughout the pandemic from day one. “Working safely during COVID-19: enforcement agents (bailiffs)” remains in place for now, with clear measures set out regarding how enforcement action can be undertaken safely for all members of the public and everyone involved.

In accordance with Government guidance, #TeamCES will not proceed with enforcement visits if we are notified on arrival that someone in the household is displaying symptoms or is self isolating.

We hope that you are all keeping well and that business is getting back to normal.

We trust that his relatively good news will give you some optimism for the weeks and months ahead.

As ever, if you need us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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